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AppV5 Publishing Sync Error Code 070000000B
After a power outage, a client machine had issues starting the AppV Client Service. The AppV Client logged this Error: A virtual application could not be [...]
App-V 5 and Office 2013 import: Database error when importing into the AppV Mgmt Server
After creating an Office 2013 package, generated with the current Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run (ODT) version (24/02/2014), the import in the [...]
European App-V User Group 2013
The 2nd European App-V User Group conference is landing in Amterdam in Februari. Almost all European App-V MVP’s will attend this meeting. A great [...]
Missing App-V Management Console snap-in (MMC)
I like to have all my admin management tools grouped in one MMC Console (ADUC, ConfigMgr ..). But the Application Virtualization Management Console [...]
Register a 32bit DLL from a x64 OS within an App-V bubble
We had an issue when printing an image from a virtualized Paint.Net. The WIA service was started as it should on the host OS. The Windows Image Acquisition [...]
App-V 5.0 beta released
Microsoft released App-V 5.0, time to get our hands dirty! The App-V Management Server remains, but changes are huge! No more RTSP(S) protocol, bits & [...]
App-V The version lineage specified for package xxx is invalid, error code 0000BD39
After importing a newly sequenced application I received this error when importing into the Management Server. While saving my sequence an I/O File Error [...]
App-V client asks for authorization (error code 0A-00002002 and 01-0003100E)
We’ve had a long lasting issue with the App-V client, only some computers were affected .. mine was one of them 🙂 App-V Client versions 4.6 and 4.6 [...]
App-V and Adobe Reader: Access Denied when opening a PDF file
In many cases virtual applications will talk to physical ones. That’s one of the reasons to keep Adobe Reader installed locally. But we’ve got [...]
App-V: Failed to install Office 2010 patches during Active Update
Once in a while you need to patch Office 2010 sequences with the latest security fixes from Microsoft. I needed to patch a package which contained Excel [...]