VMWare network drivers for WinPE 3.0

VMWare network drivers for WinPE 3.0

When capturing a reference image using VMWare Workstation/Server your WinPE image needs the right nic driver to contact the Deployment Share.

Here is how to obtain and inject these vmware drivers into your WinPE boot image.

First download the drivers from VMWare (link updated Sept 2010). (PCnet Family network adapter, NDIS5 Driver)

Import them (I used \WinXP_SignedDriver\netamd.inf, pcntpci5.cat and PCNTPCI5.sys) into your deployment share:

MDT 2010 WinPE drivers

Make sure drivers are injected into your WinPE images:

MDT 2010 - Inject drivers into WinPE

And rebuild the Deployment Share, to regenerate the WinPE boot images.

MDT 2010 Update Deployment Share

Last step: import the new WinPE boot images into your PXE boot server. (or rewrite your bootcd’s with the WinPE ISO file)


  1. diagg · July 30, 2010

    look like the wmware link point to…. AMD…

    Can you give us the good one



  2. Ben De Vriese · July 30, 2010

    These are AMD drivers indeed. The link used to point to the right drivers at the AMD website. But AMD changed their website, and gave us a dead link :'(

    I will try to find them elsewhere. If someone has a correct url, please make a comment and help us out.

  3. Ben De Vriese · July 30, 2010

    Found the AMD PCNet family NDIS5 Windows driver version 4.51 here:


    I will update the link in my post.

  4. Ben De Vriese · September 12, 2010

    Download link was dead again, stored the AMD PCNet family NDIS5 Windows driver locally.

    Link updated.

  5. GimmeCat · June 30, 2014

    I wanted to say thank you. I spent over 8 hours trying in vain to get VMWare Player to recognise my Windows 7 32-bit guest’s network adaptor. I tried all the advice: the e1000 line in the config, drivers from Intel, VM Tools… This page was the ONLY PLACE that offered the correct drivers for my problem. Thank you so much, you’ve put an end to this long and horrible struggle!